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AquaNautic - Mobile Game

AquaNautic Logo
3D underwater simulation for iOS, Android and Windows

Short description

Explore the deep sea and collect resources for new stations and ships.


AquaNautic Gameplay
In this exciting 3D deep-sea submarine mining game you collect valuable resources from your mines with your submarine and bring them to the base station.
You build more stations in this game to expand your deep sea mining company and improve your submarine. You will explore new areas on the water moon 'Europa' of the planet Jupiter.

At one look

  • 3D deep sea mining simulator games
  • Submarine upgrades
  • Explore the deep sea of Jupiter's moon 'Europa'
  • Enlarge your territory
  • Build new deep sea stations and mines
  • Collect raw material tanks from the mines
  • Automatic mining of raw materials by mines
  • Find and collect hidden resources
  • Main missions to advance the plot
  • Master daily challenge missions
  • Controller / Gamepad support
  • Completely in German and English
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